Quality boxes​

HK Timbers pride ourselves on the exemplary standard of our products.


Our products are predominantly made from imported timber which is proven to last much longer than home grown timber.


With over 40 years in this business, our products are recognised nationally as being first class in the industry, HK Timbers were also heavily involved in creating the British Standard introduction in 1992.

Imported timber - note the tightness of the grain.

Homegrown timber - note the spaces in the grain.


  • Connector Plates

  • Diagonal Bracing

  • Intermediate Post

  • Vertical Batten

  • Gaps or Closed

  • Pallet or Plain Base

Strength is increased through connector plates.



As you can see from the images above, the imported timber has a tighter grain and can therefore withstand changeable weather conditions for a longer period than our home grown timber counterpart.


Whichever type of timber you choose, all of our products are made to the same specification and all offer the additional services such as stencilling, numbering, plastic identification strips, bar coding and colour-coding etc.


Due to customer feedback and a requirement for products that meet our exacting standards, but are not subject to the extreme wear and tear that is synonymous with some clients use, we are also able to produce products made using home grown timber.


  • Kiln dried, slow grown timbers

  • Bespoke build to suit customer needs

  • Manufactured by experienced staff

  • Stock held

  • Manufacturing Excellence
    Award Winner

  • Haulage arranged throughout the UK


The more common sizes of our boxes are:-

     Code B                   Side      72“         1830mm
                                  End      47”         1195mm


     Code D                   Side      60“         1525mm
                                  End      47”          1195mm


     Heights available:-     36”       1 tonne
                                  38”       1.1 tonne
                                  42”       1.2 tonne



BS7611 is primarily concerned with ensuring that potato storage boxes are strong enough to withstand the loads and forces of handling and stacking.



The standard was introduced in 1992 at the request of the Potato Marketing Board and the Health and Safety Executive. HK Timbers was one of the few manufacturers involved in the standard's formation.

Three strength classes are covered:
Class 8   For stacking up to 8 high when filled.
              Suitable for constant use in mechanical handling operations.
Class 6   For stacking up to 6 high when filled. Not suitable for frequent use in mechanical handling

    operations which involve tipping full boxes unless clamped to limit racking movement.

Class 4   For stacking up to 4 high when filled. Not suitable for frequent use in mechanical handling

             operations which involve tipping full boxes unless clamped to eliminate racking movement.


Six different plan sizes are detailed by the standard. To determine the strength class of a box, testing measures the amount of movement under pressure, and the results compared to the horizontal deflection allowed for each class to establish the strength class of the box.


The standard only applies to new boxes which must be permanently marked with the plan size code, year of manufacture, maximum safe stacking height and BS7611:1992.