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The staff at HK Timbers all have a wealth of knowledge about the potato storage boxes, timber vegetable boxes and other products and services we offer. Regardless of whether you are an existing customer or are simply considering using our products, we can offer advice and help on you specific requirements.

We have some general information below that we hope will answer some of your initial questions but don't hesitate to call if you have any queries. Terry is the best person to answer product queries, options and pricing, call him direct on: 01427 816790


All potato storage boxes and timber vegetable boxes are offered with a permanent black ink stencil using 50mm lettering of the customer's choice on one board on each of the two long sides.(Max 30 characters including gaps) The relevant BS information is also printed on this board. In addition we offer extra stenciling on any of the four sides of the box. This can include a customer's specific requirement such as a logo.

Bar code facility

If required, a rebate at the end of one of the long side-boards can be made to accommodate a customer bar code. Customer bar codes can also be stapled to boxes during the production process.

Plastic identification strips

To aid in identification of boxes, a colour-coded, plastic strip (240 micron) approximately 100mm x 500mm with a customer's name printed on it can be pressed into the steel connector plate. This then becomes an integral part of the box and almost impossible to remove. The strip can only be seen in gapped boxes, but then is only accessed when proof of ownership is needed.

Flat Pack

We can offer Flat Pack or Sub-Assembled box sets, which are produced in five panel form for final assembly by the customer. We will supply all necessary ironwork for final assembly.


By purchasing flat packs, a significant haulage saving can be made. On average, a lorry load consists of 56 made up boxes as against approximately 150 flat pack versions.


If required, boxes can be colour-coded on any of the four sides using water-based emulsion.


If required, boxes can be numbered sequentially.

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