HK Timbers Log Boxes


Log Boxes

HK Timbers is the largest log box manufacturer in the UK.


We manufacture timber log boxes for the drying & storage of firewood logs. Logs dried in the open air in our boxes dry much faster than logs dried in a building. This saves space, time and money, enabling suppliers to sell and fell in one season rather than two.


As well as assembled boxes, we can offer flat pack’s which are produced in five panel form for final assembly by the customer. They are supplied with all the necessary ironwork.

Quality Products


Built to a high specification, HK Log Boxes stand up to the rigours of filling, tipping and transportation. They stack safely and are designed to take maximum advantage of wind flow, having 75mm side and end gaps and 50mm floor gaps.



Our customers benefit from our wealth of technical experience gained during 40 years of design, production and supply of timber boxes.

Our Standards


  • Proven durability

  • Quality materials

  • Bespoke manufacture



  • Stencils

  • Numbering

  • Repair Boards

  • Flat Pack

There are significant haulage

savings when ordering flat pack log boxes.